Hey, its nice to meet you

My name is Simon, a product design and part-time civil engineer working and living in Auckland, New Zealand, where I was born and raised.

I specialise in transforming complex creative problems of the world into bold, intuitive and strategic design solutions to create truly meaningful and joyful experiences that are accessible and inclusive to all.

I am currently working part time as a product designer at a food and services app startup (HOPS) as well as interning at 9Spokes as a UX designer

In addition to product design, I have a strong passion for VR/AR/MR experiences, visual/graphical design and digital art.

Open to new work opportunities

come say hi :)

outside of work I am ...

Traveling the world

It's cheesy but experiencing the world is something that will never get old.

Drawing on my Ipad

Ain't anything like a long youtube documentary, ice green tea and a good drawing session to rest and recover.

With friends and family

Whats the point of life without the people you care about :)